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Debut Release: March 16th, 1244


Tom Armitage's debut EP entitled March 16th, 1244 was released in the Spring of 2014. Tom channels his strong connection with Occitan culture in the Languedoc region of Southwest France to commemorate the lives of all those lost to the Albigensian Crusade. Be transported back to Medieval Europe in this mammoth composition for solo piano performed by the composer himself.


                                                                               - - -


This debut release aims to raise awareness of Occitan culture prior to its deterioration, starting with the point that it began its decline. During the brutal and lengthy inquisition that followed the Albigensian Crusade, the Siege of Montségur was concluded on March 16th, 1244 when over two hundred Cathars were led down from their mountaintop fortress and burned alive.




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