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R e c o r d i n g s

A Night on the Black Mountain

for piano, violin, saxophone and percussion

Originally a piece for solo piano depicting a night on the Black Mountain of Southwest France, the piece was expanded in an arrangement for amplified ensemble, Decibel.


Performed by Decibel in Frontiers+ Festival 2013

Ar em al freg temps vengut
for Soprano and String Trio


This piece for soprano and string trio is written in Occitan and describes a winter scene


Now we have come to the cold time

When the ice and the snow and the mud

And the little birds are all mute;

Because not one inclines to sing.

Three Hull Folk Songs

for Solo Piano

A setting of three folk songs from Hull


1. Hedon Road Gaol

2. The Dalesman's Litany

3. The Beggar Wench of Hull



*More recordings can be located on youtube:


Just click on the youtube icon at the top and bottom of this page

When Morality Becomes Lax

for Soprano, violin, cello, tubular bell and organ


The pressure that the views of society put on individual people is explored. The soprano, torn between her desires and her conscience, finds herself under an omnipotent, watchful eye as she prays for forgiveness for her sins, whilst in the meantime she finds herself surrounded by temptation. Her battle is a constant one between her morals and her wants


This piece was a finalist in the Philip Bates Prize 2013


for Flute, Horn, Violin I, Violin II, Viola, Cello and Double Bass

A piece in seven sections where the harmony only moves in sevenths


Written for the Orchestra of the Swan and premiered by them at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford on 11/02/14


for Chamber Orchestra


A piece about Autumn and the colourful leaves falling to the ground


Written for and performed by

Birmingham Contemporary Music Group


for Soprano and Piano


A song for soprano and piano performed by Mary Wiegold and Tom Armitage

Michael Finnissy performs

Vitruvian Nocturne No. 2
for Solo Piano


A piano translation of 'Ar em al freg temps vengut' as part of a set of five short piano pieces called the 'Vitruvian Nocturnes'


Michael Finnissy performs the premiere here at the University Centre Doncaster on 19/08/14

As Above, So Below: Five Vitruvian Nocturnes for Piano

A collection of five Vitruvian Nocturnes inspired and shaped by the nature and influence of Leonardo da Vinci's 'Vitruvian Man'. As nocturnes, they deal with the duality between the stillness and fantasy of the night and, as Vitruvian Nocturnes, thus also dealing with the duality between materialism and humanism.

These nocturnes contain paraphrases of troubadour melodies and a piano translation of an earlier work, Ar em al freg temps vengut.

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